Monday, October 25, 2010


As you wait upon this shore
How your heart does long to soar
With eagle’s wings you want to fly
From the pain that makes you cry

Tired and weary is your soul
And you pray to be made whole
So you wait upon the Lord
Daily reading of His word

In His time His breath will blow
The wind beneath your feet will grow
He will teach you how to fly
As an eagle soaring high

Above the clouds you will view
All that God has walked you through
Flying close to the Sun
You will see what He has done

Pressing on in fearsome flight
Reaching for His guiding light
Grace and beauty will cover you
As others learn to follow you

Soaring through that darkened sky
You will see with eagle eye
He will give you gift of sight
To see the one who stalks at night

For now you sit in this place
As He covers you with grace
He sees your grief and knows your pain
For such a time is why He came

So rest in Him a work He’ll do
Gifts of grace will be given you
For the tasks He’s called you to.

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