Monday, October 25, 2010


When you’ve lost all that mattered
Every dream’s been shattered
There’s no friend left to call your own

Each day is one big tempest
Nights are sleepless unrest
You wonder if you’ll always be alone

I have found a place of refuge
Where I escape the deluge
When the storms of life are battering my soul

It is there in quiet solitude
That I regain my fortitude
Once again I am made well and whole

Here my heart begins to sing
I am lifted up on Eagle’s wings
I am at rest and again my spirit soars

His name is a strong tower
He is my source of power
Every day’s a day worth living for

The name of the Lord
Will be your reward
He’ll give you strength to face life every day

He’ll cause the storms to cease
He’ll give you inner peace
But its up to you to take the time to pray

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